Classic Vintage Car Restored in NZ



Bodymods was founded with one purpose – to create a passionate obsession into bespoke world class craftsmanship. Bodymods is recognised as a world leader in vintage, heritage and antique custom fabrication and classic car restoration of all marques. Their perfection for detail paired with passion for precision body fabrication continues Bodymods reputation as one of the most meticulous restoration craftsman in the world. Whether it is a 1922 Hispano, 36 Ford Coupe, Bugatti, or 49 Ford Pickup, no project is limited to Bodymods expertise.

Vintage car restoration and fabrication Worldwide, Bodymods services in heritage vehicle restoration and fabrication.

about us

New Zealand is home to Bodymods, to the most successful and prestige’s yacht building industry in the world, home to the 2017 America’s cup, home to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogies and to one of the most prestigious Rugby teams in the world, The All Blacks.